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no kitchen, no living room, no garden, shared bathroom

We charge_____ we make profits of_____.

2m x 2m

denied access to kitchen, no emergency healthcare and no way of communicating with friends and family

access to meals if you turn up within the 10 minute time frame and don’t complain about the same meal three times a day for months and months on end


Let available date: When we tell you! You will be taken in a cramped bus in the middle of the night without any warning and kept in the hotel room for an indefinite period

Let Type: single hotel room
Furnish type: hotel-furniture! You can expect a bed and a wardrobe but that’s about it

Property Type: single hotel room
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: shared with ___ many people.

Viewings at the property will be available AFTER YOUR SUDDEN AND RANDOM DISPERSAL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, please submit PROOF OF YOUR CLAIM via our website and the home office in the first instance.

Find your happy place with this BADLY FURNISHED one bedroom HOTEL ROOM located in what amounts to INSTITUTIONAL ACCOMODATION in Glasgow. This property is closely situated to NO GREEN SPACE and includes NO ACCESS TO FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

The accommodation comprises FOUR WALLS and a DOOR with one window that will remain SEALED SHUT throughout your stay.

This SINGLE HOTEL ROOM offers a BED and THAT IS PRETTY MUCH IT there is NO ACCESS TO COOKING FACILITIES and you will be SHARING A BATHROOM WITH X OTHERS. Other benefits of this ABYSMAL property include cramped and UN-COVID SAFE COMMUNAL SPACE as well as NO WI-FI ACCESS!

If you have any issues with your property please contact: PHONE LINES ARE CURRENTLY DOWN :) 2021